Where acoustic jazz meets modern groove

"Offshore Horizons" is the second album from percussionist and composer Konstantin Septinus, a native of Berlin. It was recorded in Hervé Jeanne’s recording studio and once again completed in close cooperation with the bassist, composer and producer, Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf.
Together, the two mavericks make up the Fire Orange Project. This album brings together two great passions: the harmonic worlds in uneven meters of a Brad Mehldau or an Antonio Sanchez converge with driving groove, similar to that of Avishai Cohen or Donny McCaslin. The space in between is filled with each artist’s own musical touch.

Intricate details alternate with thundering notes or fitful breaks in the music - at times wild and explosive, then again soft and mellow. Variety is a special attribute of this production, and this also characterizes the artists themselves. Always restless and forward-thinking, they keenly search for new expressive combinations. Despite this, the music remains in harmony with itself - on its way to distant horizons and new shores.

For the piano part, the two producers managed to win over the renowned pianist Markus Horn. Already involved in Septinus’s last production "TEMPERATIO" as well as "Short Stories For Bass" from Ehrenberg-Kempf, Florian Pöschko on guitar contributes with his own distinctive sounds.

Check out the artist’s webpage for more info on the release: www.konstantinseptinus.com.


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